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Topics For The Week Of: 09/17/2017

Victory Prayer Line: Teacher Elder Jason Newell – Prayer Leader Lady Kay Robinson

SOW Session: Teacher Minister Larry Shores – Backsliding Pt.2

GROW Session: Teacher Ministress Jameka Muhammad – Names of God Series (Elohim : The Strong Creator God)

Generation Of Change Session: Minister Tommie Sims – Deliverance Series: Sin, Repentance

The Life Line Session: Teacher: Minister Ali Muhammad – Wisdom

Purposely Anointed: Teacher First Lady Tiffany Delaney – The Anna Anointing: Discussing Chapter 9  “The Worshipping Warrior”

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Why Join a Virtual Community

BGK Virtual Ministries Orientation

We are dedicated to helping you become a stronger witness of Christ. Our goal is not to replace what you are receiving weekly from your Pastors, leaders, or mentors. BGK has created a community of believers around the world that build each other up and encourage each other to fight the good fight of faith. Complete the application and join our orientation and meet your community family.

Leader’s Developmental

BGK’s LTS is our virtual leader’s developmental platform designed to build a stronger witness as a basis for the believers. This platform is also created to reach the sick, shut-in, churchless, and de-churched, building them back to an entry or re-entry point in the kingdom.

Identifying Gifts of the Spirit

Our goal is to identify the gifts within the believers and develop courses that will build upon those gifts and guide them through lessons of effective leadership.